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Extragalactic Astrophysics &
Observational Cosmology Group


Christine Corbett Moran

Contact Information:

ETH Zurich
Institute for Astronomy, HIT J12.3
CH-8093 Zurich
Phone:  ++41 (0)44 633-7520
Fax:  ++41 (0)44 633-1238


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Curriculum Vitae 


2003-2007 S.B. Physics. S.B. Computer Science and Engineering. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
2008-2009 M.Sc. Astrophysics. University of Zurich.
Thesis title: AstroViz: A Parallel Analysis and Visualization Tool for Astrophysical Applications.
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ben Moore.



2003-2004 Research Assistant, MIT Media Lab.

2004 Software Engineer, Lucent Technologies.

2005 Teaching Assistant, MIT.

2005 Software Engineer, FAST Search and Transfer.

2006 Research Assistant, Johns Hopkins.

2006-2007 Research Assistant, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

2007-2008 Associate Scientist, BBN Technologies.

2009 Research Assistant, University of Zurich.

2010 Research Assistant, ETH Institute for Astronomy.



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Research Interests 

My research interests include galaxy formation and evolution, parallel analysis and visualization tasks, high resolution cosmological simulations, and structure identification.

Together with Professor Carollo and Dr. Cameron I am working to accurately model galaxy surface brightness profiles in the new Wide Field Camera 3 imaging of the GOODS-South and HUDF-South fields. As a component of this work, I am examining the variation of these profiles as a function of observed wavelength and developing an empirical characterization of the point spread function of the WFC3.